Galaxy S10 Fundraising

Help us to bring Renovate ICE to the G97X series.

Hey all, Matt here.

First thank you for all your continues support over the last few years on Samsung.
You have helped keep our recent projects alive, and you have also helped
covered the cost for the servers we use for us to provide you with the ROM's and SVN service.
For this we are ever grateful. The friends I have made over the years all know how much time and passion goes into our ROM.

Of course I would love to join you all on the S10, but with the subscription money we are still receiving all going towards the cost of the servers,
I simply cannot buy an S10 at this moment in time.

I am sharing my paypal link below, for those who would like to see RENOVATE ICE continue on the S10. With 1.6k telegram members,
I'm hoping this maybe help to cover the cost of an S10 and maybe even the servers for the ongoing years to come.

I am not expecting anything from this at all, it is just a shot in the dark.
All funds raised from this will go towards an S10, and if that fails will cover the cost of the servers for however long it lasts.

If all goes well and we manage to get a device, you have my word that if all things permitting (gaining root, flashing capabilities etc),
you will get the RENOVATE ICE ROM you all know and love from the S8 days, and I will do my upmost best to support the device through its lifespan.

Thanks a lot for everything guys, you are all awesome.

We don’t expect any of you to contribute anything, it would just really help out with all the hours we are putting into this project.

Once again thank you for your continued support.

mwilky Paypal Donation